Great Questions to Ask Before You Book Your Hotel

booking  a hotel

Did you find a great deal on a hotel and you are ready to book your vacation? Well before you click “Confirm My Reservation” or give out your credit card number, pick up the phone and talk to someone to get all of your questions answered before hand. Here is a great list of questions that you can ask any hotel that will assist you in making up your mind as to whether this is the right hotel for you. Please read below and please feel free to add any questions that you may think we may have missed by submitting your comments on our comment form. If it’s a great question, we will be sure to include it in our article.

What is your cancellation policy?

Do you offer discounts for repeat guests staying at your hotel?

Do you offer discounts for BCAA members or rewards or Air Miles?

Are your rooms smoke free?Do you allow pets to stay in your hotel rooms?

Is there a pool or hot tub on the grounds?

Do you allow early check in?What time is check out?

Do you offer late check out and is there a charge for this service?

Will I have access to a concierge to help me plan my days?

Is there a fee for parking?Is parking on site or in another location?

Do you offer storage for bikes and extra luggage?

Is there free wifi available?

Do you have a business center with access to computer and printers?

Are local calls free from my room?

Do you offer room service or outside meal delivery?

Do I have a choice as to what end of the facility my room is located?

What is the limit of guests per room?Are they any events occurring at the hotel when I am staying there?

Do you offer a shuttle service to the airport or tourist attractions?

Are there any discounts available to me at tourist attractions since I am a guest here?

What three places would you recommend I visit first?

Are there activities for children available?


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