Get to Know Your Hotel Concierge

hotel check inWhat is a Hotel Concierge? A concierge is the person that knows any and everything about the hotel you are staying at and what is happening in and around town. The true definition of a concierge is “building care taker’ or “door person” that has the duties of a butler and lives on the premises, however at a hotel, the concierge has many roles that include helping travelers book appointments at local businesses, they can assist you with transportation request like hailing a cab or arranging a shuttle for you to get around town. Some concierge will book your appointment at a spa or find you a great rate a local golf course.

Each concierge is different and not all hotels have them but when they do, I encourage you to strongly consider introducing yourself upon check in and letting them know your objectives for your trip whether it be leisure or business. They can always give you great insight about events that may interest you.

I consider myself a seasoned traveler but there have been many times where I was left kicking myself in the foot because I did not call ahead and ask the hotel about things that ended up being a necessity for me.

Last Christmas I stayed at the Harbour Towers Hotels & Suites in Victoria and late one evening, we decided that we wanted to go ice skating. I called the front desk to ask them if there was free skating in town.

Low and behold, the front desk person informed me that I had just missed the last shuttle bus to Butchard Gardens where they had daily Christmas Lights displays and public ice skating.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Here, we had been staying here for almost three days already taking our car around town, when all along there was a shuttle for hotel patrons. It was definitely a learning experience for me. I know make it a priority to speak the Concierge upon check in every where I stay to make sure that I don’t miss a thing.

Have you had any similar experiences while traveling? Please do share. I would love to hear about it.

Listed below are some great questions to ask before you commit to a hotel booking. Feel free to print out this article and have it next to when you are planning your next trip. It will make all the difference in the world and make your trip a much more enjoyable one.



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