Stoney Creek Northstar Whistler BC

northstar stoney creek rentals

If you are looking for affordable accommodations for family and friends that is walking distance to everything, I would highly recommend Stoney Creek North Star Properties in Whistler BC.

I rented a one bedroom condo for the week staying during the Tough Mudder Competitions held in Whistler and really enjoyed our stay there. The price was right through a deal at and it felt like a home away from home.

The one bedroom suite included a queen sized bed, a pull out couch in the living room and one bathroom that included a shower and bath tub. There was a microwave, stove and fridge, and the suite was furnished with dishes and a dishwasher and laundry facilities. The furnishings were satisfactory and clean. For the price, it was all you needed.

Before staying at Stoney Creek I had read some reviews on Trip that did not favor the establishment very kindly. As this had me concerned, I called ahead to see if the reviews online had any weight to them. Well some of them did and some did not. I guess it depends what you are looking for.

Some of the reviews stated that check in and check out was not convenient as they had to check in somewhere else other than the grounds. Having read this I called over immediately and made arrangements to have the property manager meet us at the unit which was done and handled quickly and efficiently. No complaints there.

During my research, I also read a review where someone stated that the facility was not modern enough. Well, again for the price, the place is clean. It is not anything like staying at  four star resort but taking into consideration that it is so close to everything, that is something you need to decide for yourself. If you are traveling with a family and young children and need to be close to things. It is a great place to stay. The village is next door with restaurants, grocery shopping, and entertainment.

We  lucked out and happened to be in a suite that was somewhat up to date so I cannot say more. Everything worked and it was clean. We had enough towels to use, dish washer soap and laundry soap was provided and the room was warm with a fire place and adjustable heat thermostats for each room.

The grounds are very clean and landscaped with streams and rock formations. The suites each come with secure under ground parking, bike storage, on site recycling and garbage all within walking distance. There is an IGA across the street which came in handy for picking up food for dinner and a kids playground in the middle of the village to tire the little ones out for bed.

I had read some reviews about the property being noisy and close to street traffic. Our unit did face the road but we were in the middle of the complex so I did not hear any noise that was bothersome. Being that we were situated over by the pool area, you could hear and children playing but other than that, it was moderately quiet.

The great thing is that if there ever were any noise concerns, the property management company provides you with a number for security. The facility has a strict “no noise after 10 pm policy” which is strictly enforced.

I have to say that I have stayed at four star hotels that did nothing about noise complaints from their patrons so to me this was an added bonus. There is nothing that irks me more than putting my little one to bed to have her wakened by noisy patrons. So two thumbs up for Northstar for being on top of that.

I also have to add that I have never been a fan of reviews. They are tremendously biased and really depend on a number of factors. If you want perfection, then stay at a five star hotel and pay the big bucks. But if you are easy going and want to save money, this place would probably work for you.

I should also note that the reviews I read on Trip Advisor were almost 3 years old. Why they are still on the top of the search results of google I will never know… but I hope that this article will be read by new people who want to give the place a chance.

swiming pool northstar stoney creek whistlerSo what is super great about North Star properties? I would have to say the pool.There is a beautiful pool on site with a jacuzzi that can fit at least 30 person in it. The height is evenly distributed throughout the pool so you need not worry about some areas being too deep if you are traveling wiht small children.

It appears the properties at North Star are mostly time shares and rented out by the owners or a property management company so the deals you can get and the types of rooms will vary. All of the ground floor suite have one bedroom, second floor 2 bedroom and 3rd floor, three bedrooms.

Some of the units allow pets and others do not. I was not aware of this when I checked in and did  notice some animal hair on the pull out couch. Since my daughter has allergies, I just kept her off the couch. But other than that, everything was fine. The rooms are smoke free.

I would suggest that you call ahead and ask for a pet free room, if you have concerns and if you are someone who loves to travel with a pet, then this would definitely be a great place for you to consider staying.


 I would recommend this place for young families and people travelling on a budget. I would not recommend it for first time travelers to Whistler but I would for people who visit Whistler often and want to save money. North Star is good bang for your buck if you are not fussy.

If you do happen to stay here, let me know your thoughts.


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