Enjoying Food and Travel

vancouver-bc-restaurantsAs you travel in the various parts of the world, you experience the pleasure of eating food from various countries. One of the great things about travel to Vancouver BC, is the vast diversity of cultures, which brings a wide assortment of ethnic restaurants from every culture you could ever imagine.

The next time you are yearning for something new to eat, just go for a walk in Vancouver, and check out some of the great food that is available from street vendors, local stores and restaurants alike.

Asian Cuisines

If we talk about the cuisine of the countries belonging to Asia, they are extremely sophisticated and give intense pleasure to the traveler but if we consider specifically India, the diversity of food is difficult to assess as the food that is available in most of the restaurants of India, originates from the Punjab region of Northern India. If you travel in the southern, eastern and western areas you will get to know that in these parts, the preparation of food is largely of vegetarian styles, while quite a few of them includes the fish, chicken and even goat.

French Cuisines

Due to the diversity and availability of the largest dishes available, French cooking symbolizes the greatest food makers on the planet. The dishes prepared here are extremely rich and healthy due to the usage of cream and alcohol. French kitchens also specializes in matchless and the most tempting pastries, spirits, liqueurs and a spectacular choice of imported wines also warmly welcome you as you visit France.

Spanish Cuisines

Recognized with the alluring and delicious starters, which are called ’tapas’, Spain is enriched with a comprehensive range of mouth-watering dishes. Especially, Spain dominates in the seafood cookery, which comes out to be extremely delicious. Additionally, the national drink of Spain “Sherry” which is primed in brandy is simply enthralling. Spain will welcome you with a variety of lip smacking dishes, increasing the joy of your travels.

Mexican Cuisines

The food is prepared by Aztec with the mixture of some finely executed Spanish ideas to make the distinctive dishes which are wrapped in the flat breads called tortillas or tacos. Another special cuisine with which you will go through your travel in Mexico is a creamy dipped Guacamole, which is made from avocado pulverized with garlic and oil.

Italian Cuisines

The first thing that comes into mind as we hear about the Italian cuisines is the pizza and the pasta. You would find the World’s most delicious and exemplary Pizzas in Italy. The tempting use of cheese and finely collected healthy mushrooms, in the pizzas will definitely give you the irresistible taste and joy. Being one of the most prehistoric dishes in the world, Italian cooking offers you with more than 300 assortments of sausages, and roundabout 400 cheeses. Hence in Italy, the travelers get the real joy of some delicious food along with the travel.

Each part of the world possesses the wide variety of dishes that will make your travel more exciting and enjoyable. But why travel to far, when you can enjoy all of that great food right here in beautiful BC?


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