Delta Hotel Whistler BC

delta hotel whistler bc I have had the pleasure of staying at several Delta hotel locations but the location I have loved most by far is the Whistler location. From the moment you drive up to the circular round about drive in, you are greeted by smiling door men and happy tourists wandering the grounds.

The front desk staff are polite and cheery and make you feel as if they have known you for years and they are so happy to welcome you back home. You are left feeling so relaxed and are eager to check into your hotel room. Let’s not forget the beautiful gift they have prepared for you if you happen to have children joining you on your stay.

Every time we check in my daughter is so pleased to get a beautifully wrapped package with toys and puzzles and various other activities inside. It makes the long car ride for the kids absolutely worth it.

Whenever we are in Whistler we always book the one bedroom suite. It is just so much easier when you are traveling with children or in my case, one child. Our daughter usually likes to jump on the big bed and have a nap when we arrive to get settled in.

rooms at the delta whistler bcThe suites are like a large one bed room apartment decorated with the most modern decor. They have a large fridge and stove and pots, pans and cutlery for you to wash your own dishes and load the fridge from groceries that can be purchased from within the Village.

Usually when we go up, I usually back groceries to take along and unload them into the fridge upon arrival. The suite has a stackable washer and dryer with courtesy laundry soap which is very convenient for doing any laundry while you are up there.

Each suite comes with a separate bedroom that you close off and separate you from the rest of the suite. There usually is an adjoining bathroom that is convenient for all people to use that are staying in the suite and have privacy.

Of course, there is a small balcony built for two, where you can look out on the village or other sites around the building. The first time we stayed at the Delta, we received a room that was facing the village. It was a little too noisy for us because we were traveling with a little one.

The next time we booked our stay at the hotel, we asked for a room away from the village. They were happy to oblige and it was even noted on our reservation that made it feel double reassuring when we arrived there. We booked online with and it worked out really well.

Our room was facing the library and a museum and it was the perfect little corner for the non partying type who want to get a good nights sleep. It was nice waking up refreshed, enjoying breakfast prepared in our own room and gave us that home away from home feeling that we love so much about the Delta.

Every morning we would go down to the lobby where friendly staff were happy to take our bicycles out of the storage room for us to go on our around excursions around the beautiful Whistler mountains. We would go riding several miles all morning and then come back to our room, shower and head down to the luxurious Delta swimming pool.

The swimming pool is located on the lower lobby level and is secured by key lock. There is medium sized gym equipped with weights and a steam room just in the main entrance way. You don’t need to worry about bringing tdelta hotel whistler bcowels down as the swimming area is full of freshly laundered white towels and cubby holes for all of your belongings. The room also has robes for guests to wear down to the pool if needed.

Showers are ever present for you to rinse off and climb into the bubbling hot tub and then off to the very large kidney shaped pool. The pool area is surrounded by a large seating area with lounge chairs for everyone to enjoy. We have never gone there and not been able to find a chair to sit on and relax for hours in the sun.

After a swim in the pool, we head up to our rooms have a nap in our cozy suite and then get dressed and off to a walk around the village. When we have had our fill of joining in on activities and site seeing, it’s back up the room where we can make dinner in our suite or go out to eat.

There is so much to see and do but we find most times, we just want to cuddle up in our Delta room because it feels so much like home. There is nothing nicer than going to a place where everyone is friendly and the energy is so positive.

As all parents know, a holiday is not just for grown ups and to find a place that is so child friendly and family oriented, it makes you happy to know you can stay somewhere upscale that is not stuffy and still let your kids let loose and have a good time.

As a mother I definitely know it’s a wonderful place when my 4 year old asks me every morning that we wake up if we can live at the hotel. She may actually have a point because they do offer time shares for sale and it really would be something worth considering. Maybe that will be next on my bucket list? Only time and blessings will tell.

Anyhow, for now, I am just happy to know I can stay there when I need to. So in a nut shell, if you have kids, want to save money, want a place where you can cook and clean and shower and save money while vacationing but still be in a four star environment, the Delta Hotels and Suites in Whistler is your best bet.

If you have any questions about the hotel and want to know more about it, who better to ask than a guest who stays there? I welcome your questions.


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